Below is a list of issues I've been talking about on the campaign trail.  The State Auditors Office has a total budget of over $80,000,000, with about 400 employees.  This is an important position, and I believe it's important to present a vision for the office to voters.  When choosing performance audits, I would use rigorous risk assessments and public comment.  Should I be elected, I would work with staff to determine the feasibility  and potential cost savings of some issues:


  • Cyber Security - We have seen data breaches at all levels of government from the State Department and the VA, to the University of Washington and Washington State.  We need to make sure that our cyber security is top notch, and not vulnerable.  We have seen states lose millions of people's social security numbers and other personal information.  I want to be sure that does not happen here.


  • Interstate Compacts - These are negotiated agreements with other states that govern everything from the trafficking and supervision of felons to riparian water rights.  I think we should review the potential for cost savings here and look at best practices from around the country in negotiating and implementing these compacts.


  • Local Whistleblower Programs - The State Auditors Office runs the state whistleblower program, but I also want to advocate for a stronger whistleblower program at the local government levels.  We have seen some egregious cases of worker abuse that have cost taxpayers millions of dollars, made our government less efficient, and could have been prevented.


  • Transparency Issues - I would promote government transparency at all levels and look at executive request legislation to promote transparency in our government and public access to our government.


  • Implementation of the Affordable Care Act - Washington State will be implementing this act and the state auditor will play an integral role in ensuring that the implementation runs as smoothly as possible.  I will make sure that policymakers have the best information available by looking at best practices from around the nation and independent experts.


  • I-937 - I would review the Clean Energy Initiative and compare it to established practices from around the country to find out how we can implement this more efficiently and effectively with straightforward standards that can be relied on by all parties. 


  • Change Orders - Our public works projects pay substantial amounts of money because of change orders during projects, I would like to look at the best practices from around the nation to eliminate overruns in this area and help maximize our public dollars.